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Information for Actors

If you wish to be considered for background/extra work, 
add me on FACEBOOK.      

I use Actors Access, Casting Networks, Casting Frontier and for all of my castings, please go to each site and make a profile.  This is also important if you wish to be represented by an agent.  90% of my castings go through talent agents.  If you are not listed with a reputable agent and you are serious about your acting career, get into acting classes, build an acting resume and submit to an agent.  You will also need a PROFESSIONAL headshot.  I suggest you build your skills and your resume before getting professional headshots, don't put the cart before the horse.  As a casting director I am looking for all types.  Strong acting skills are a must for speaking parts and auditions are only offered to those with strong acting resumes.  If you are signed up on one of the casting websites listed above and you have not filled out ALL of your information, you are hurting yourself.  I have had clients in the past choose and actor who filled out all their information, including their credits and their skills, over an equally talented actor who only had their name and sizes filled out on the casting website.  

Do not call to find out about castings.